Interesting Qualities of Garapa Decking

As you embark on the task of constructing a new deck or refurbishing an existing one, it’s imperative to make a crucial decision: selecting the wood type to use. Garapa wood has emerged as a preferred choice for homeowners due to its unique characteristics. Commonly referred to as Brazilian ash, Garapa decking exhibits three noteworthy traits that distinguish it from other wood types.


  1. Same fire-resistance rating as steel


Contrary to popular belief that wood is highly combustible, Garapa possesses a unique fire-resistant characteristic. With its Class A fire rating, Garapa is comparable to non-organic materials such as cement, steel, and brick. However, it is important to note that Garapa is not entirely immune to fire but rather has a slower rate of surface combustion. Hence, you can enjoy your barbeque on the deck with a sense of security.


  1. Outstanding durability


Garapa wood is renowned for its exceptional durability, owing to its high density. This property makes it remarkably resistant to rotting, eliminating the need for sealing solely for durability. In addition to being rot-resistant, Garapa wood is also resistant to pest damage, such as termites and carpenter ants. This feature ensures that your deck remains intact and free from any form of infestation. Furthermore, Garapa’s tight grain structure provides excellent resistance against pool water and other elements that could potentially cause decay. As a result, Garapa decking can last for several decades without any significant deterioration.


  1. Aesthetic & gorgeous colors:


While Ipe wood boasts a striking reddish-brown shade, Garapa’s golden hue has become increasingly popular in contemporary architecture. Various adjectives such as blonde, yellow, and honey are often used to describe the different shades of Garapa wood. Nevertheless, its light and rich coloration is undeniable.

Garapa wood is indeed a superb choice for any outdoor project. Fire-resistance rating, outstanding durability, and light aesthetic make Garapa an excellent pick for both commercial and residential purposes. With the right maintenance, it can last for decades and still retain its original beauty. If you’re looking for a cost-efficient and beautiful addition to your outdoor space, Garapa decking should be at the top of your list.