Cumaru Decking – All the Things You Need to Know

So, you probably already know what Cumaru decking is and why it’s so popular. But do you understand the power of this beautiful hardwood? Here are some important facts that you need to understand before making your investment in this particular wood:


Visual quality


Cumaru is known for its density and interlocking grain pattern that creates a coarse, wavy texture. You will find yourself captivated by the stunning display of colors ranging from a soothing golden tan to a deep reddish brown, complete with long grain accents spread across its surface. The unique variation in grain patterns ensures that no two pieces of Cumaru decking are identical, providing a dramatic and beautiful appearance. Due to its wild and sophisticated beauty, many five-star hotels and large commercial projects opt for Cumaru hardwood for their decking needs. This type of wood blends seamlessly with any modern, traditional, or rustic setting.


Structural strength


Cumaru is known for its remarkable durability and resistance to harsh climates and punishments, as well as rot, decay, mold, and mildew. It has a Janka hardness rating of 3540lbs and a density of 1.07g/cm3 which makes it three times harder than regular teak decking and twice as hard as oak decking.


Its flexural strength is also high at 22,400 psi, allowing it to withstand more than 22,000 pounds per square inch before breaking. In terms of durability and strength rating for wood decking materials, Cumaru ranks second only to Ipe and outperforms many other popular kinds of wood, such as tigerwood and yellow pine. It also has a class A fire resistance rating making it an ideal choice for decks near fireplaces or campfires.




Cumaru decking is renowned for its natural beauty, structural strength, and durability. Its unique grain patterns make it an ideal choice for aesthetically-pleasing decks that are built to last. When considering Cumaru as your next decking material, you can rest assured knowing it will provide a stunning backdrop to your outdoor retreat for many years to come.