How Rainscreen Siding Works: Understanding the Principles Behind the System

Moisture problems in the home are usually because of rain, ice, and snow that can make water seep through from the exterior walls. The good news is you can counteract that by installing rainscreen siding. It’s a multi-layer, high-performance assembly consisting of a cavity, outer cladding, and a vapor and air barrier. Together, these elements prevent water penetration while providing UV protection and enhanced shading. They can even improve your home’s thermal performance with exterior insulation.

How does a rainscreen work against moisture? This blog will explain the principles of the system to help you understand how it can benefit your home.

Keeps moisture out

Like every rainscreen system, the rainscreen siding provides a double-wall construction with an inner layer for thermal insulation and air leakage prevention and an outer layer to prevent rain and water from coming in.

Though it helps prevent moisture, that doesn’t mean it needs to be completely sealed. This way, the facade can ‘breathe.’ While the outer layer prevents rain from coming in, the vapor and air barrier or the cavity eliminates any water that gets into the panel joints via evaporation and drainage. As such, water doesn’t reach the thermal insulation or the base wall, and the building’s structural frame stays dry.

Creating an air gap

Rainscreen siding aims to establish an air gap to make your home moisture-resistant. With proper ventilation, moisture buildup will be the least of your problems. This is especially critical for homes built in humid climates, particularly in the southern US. To ensure this, high-quality rain screen systems are built without furring strips, which defeat their purpose. Furring strips make the system more complicated to install and hinder the air gap.

Pick the right rainscreen material.

Successful rainscreen installation can depend on the materials you use. At ABS Wood, we offer ipe, cumaru, and garapa rain screens to enhance your home’s aesthetics. These hardwoods are also durable, maintenance-free, moisture-resistant, and long-lasting.

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