Enhance Your Truck’s Durability with Apitong and Keruing Trailer Decking

While many traditional hardwoods, such as oak, are reliable materials for various building projects, trailer decking demands a higher level of resilience. This is due to the need for it to withstand all sorts of weather conditions. In this scenario, Apitong—also known as Keruing—is an excellent choice. It stands out because of its superior density and low moisture content, attributes that boost its durability.

Why Apitong?

Truck and trailer decking serves a critical role in not only preserving the truck bed’s life but also providing a sturdy platform for the cargo. Just as flooring does in a house, decking performs a similar function in a truck, albeit with more challenging conditions. This includes carrying heavy loads and facing persistent exposure to various weather conditions. Therefore, what you need is a robust, enduring, and easy-to-maintain decking material that is capable of withstanding all these challenges.

Given these stringent requirements, Apitong wood stands out as particularly suitable. Native to South East Asia, Apitong wood is renowned for its unique characteristics. Its grain is either straight or gently interlocked, and it possesses a moderately coarse texture. These features contribute to its superior toughness and make it highly dependable over time. In light of these properties, Apitong is undeniably an outstanding choice for durable, long-lasting truck and trailer decking.

Incredibly hard and dense

Apitong hardwood is highly dense. It resists termites and fungi and doesn’t shrink significantly. On the Janka hardness scale, Keruing is rated 1390 lb, making it much harder than red oak by more than 120% and about 109% as hard as maple.


The secret to Apitong’s durability is the heartwood, which resists fungi and wood-destroying organisms. So you do not have to worry about the wood deteriorating and breaking down. And if you’re concerned about preservation or maintenance, none is needed! That makes it ideal as trailer decking.


The look of your truck bed might not matter to you, but Apitong could elevate its aesthetics with its brown-to-dark brown or light-to-dark reddish-brown heartwood. At times, it may even have a purple tint caused by the buff or gray sapwood.

Experience these advantages now!

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