Hardwood Decking – All About Exotic Flooring

Building a hardwood deck is a major project. In order to create a deck that looks great and can withstand the test of time, you need to be wise with of the type of hardwood to use. Imagine the kind of decking you want to build. What kind of lumber do you need? How about the timber to use and the size of beams required? If you want to achieve an exotic flooring masterpiece, there is one type of hardwood that you can consider using: Ipe wood. 

Ipe wood is a strikingly beautiful hardwood that is also considered one of the best hardwoods to use for decking. It has a rich color of dark brown with a mixture of yellowish brown and black runs, as well as stripes that complement its other features. The addition to its fine and consistent texture as well as its naturally strong and stiff characteristics, Ipe(Brazilian Walnut) is a world-class type of material that can add value to any property.

Moreover, this Brazilian Walnut is very resistant to rotting as well as insects and other decay-causing organisms. Its fine and consistent grain along with its hardness and strength enables Ipe wood to exhaust these organisms from decomposing it. Ipe wood can  last 25 years or more before it starts to wither.

If you want to use Ipe wood for exotic flooring, buy from a store that can supply you with all the quantity and assistance you need. The best traders and distributors can provide you with all the sizes and cuts required for lumbers, timbers, beams, shackles, and such. There are stores that advertise premium quality of Ipe wood. It would also be best to work with a reputable store to ensure that the decking materials they deliver are original and superior in terms of quality.