Expand Your Cedar Decking to Add an Outdoor Kitchen or Spa

One reason people remodel their decks is to make them bigger, to accommodate hot tubs, spas, and outdoor kitchens. Because these items take up a large amount of space, it involves expanding a standard 10 by 10 deck to a larger size. Some people keep their existing deck and simply add onto it. Expansion projects are fine, if your current cedar decking is in great shape. However, if the boards are older, starting to warp, or have other noticeable issues, it may be better to start over with a brand new design.

When selecting the amount of cedar decking to use, as well as the design, remember you want to verify it will be able to support the weight of the spa or kitchen being installed on top of it. Additionally, do not forget to include the weight of yourself, spouse, children and other people that could all be on the deck simultaneously. Once you have your design plan sketched out, you should provide it to your decking supplier. Your supplier is able to use your plan and offer their expertise and experience to help you decide the proper way to install the decking boards, the required number of support posts to use, and other such aspects. Certain items may not be able to be completed on your own and will require the assistance of a professional. For example, if you intend to run a natural gas line from your house to your new deck kitchen, this task is best left to a licensed and insured contractor, as well as when adding any type of wiring for electrical and lighting.