Cedar Lumber – Add Beauty to Your Outdoor Decking

Juniperus Virginiana (more widely known as Western Red Cedar or justRed Cedar) is a well-renowned type of wood used for outdoor decking applications. It is distinctive for its color, which appears to be a combination of reddish brown heartwood and light creamy brown sapwood. Not only does cedar look magnificent— but it also comes with a straight fine grain and an even texture that is preferred by a lot of homeowners and designers. It is also suitable for outdoor decorations. Although cedar belongs to the softwoods, it holds many positive characteristics that support its excellent quality. Here are some of them:

  • With regards to being rot-resistant, cedar is considered first-class. It has a tolerance to insect attacks and decaying organisms. 
  • With regards to durability, cedar is of no doubt on top of the list. What it lacks in its hardness, it makes up for with its structural and outstanding dimensional stability. 
  • Because cedar is lighter in density and given its characteristic of straight and consistent texture, it is easy to work with even with simple and common tools. However, its high composition of silica should be noted as it may cause some cutters to dull. 
  • And with regards preservation and maintenance, there is not much of a need to apply any preservatives on this kind of wood. Cedar has a natural extract that eliminates decay-causing organisms. 

Cedar can be used in a wide variety of applications. It is mostly used for timber, beams, boards, and decking. Moreover, Cedar is sustainable when harvested from managed forests that implement responsible harvesting techniques.

If you are in need of outdoor decking materials and are looking for a good wood to use, cedar is highly recommended. You can surf online for shops that offer this kind of wood in various cuts and sizes and at affordable rates.