How Cumaru Decking Offers Lasting Outdoor Enjoyment?

Of the many types of decks that you can build for your home, why should you invest in cumaru decking? Because this material has enduring qualities and beauty that can compete with the top decking materials like Ipe wood. Many designers and expert deck builders swear by the reliability of a cumaru decking and are happy to recommend cumaru to their clients who are looking for less expensive alternatives to Ipe hardwood. Your cumaru decking can offer lasting outdoor enjoyment in different ways.

Natural beauty like no other

Hardwood materials are often chosen for their beauty, but among the different species of hardwood available, cumaru stands out. Its color ranges from golden tan to reddish brown. When laid side by side, the naturally varying colors of cumaru decking can make a beautiful sight. The soothing and warm colors can give your home a more welcoming and friendlier ambiance. The unique dark grain accents can add character to the entire installation.

Exceptionally hard and durable

Cumaru is stronger than hardwood oak. In fact, it is right next to Ipe when it comes to Janka rating at 3540 lbf. Cumaru decking is resistant to rot, wear, water, moisture, heat, and many other environmental elements that cause other woods to decay. Moreover, it also has excellent weathering characteristics, which is one of the reasons why it can last up to 50 years. It is indeed great for any outdoor application.


You will really enjoy the beauty of your cumaru decking without doing too much maintenance. This wood doesn’t react to UV rays. Thus, its color won’t fade easily even if exposed to the sun. This also means that you don’t have to repaint or stain. Applying UV blocking and doing simple upkeep is enough to ensure you have a beautiful deck to enjoy for years.