Brazilian Walnut Decking: A Decking Made To Stand The Test Of Time!

Brazilian walnut decking or the Ipe wood decking is extensively used outdoors by the landscaping specialists due to its extreme durability and long-lasting effects. The IPE wood is a dark brown colored wood which possesses a medium to fine texture and expels green dust when cut.

Brazilian walnut decking is widely used in extreme climatic conditions too, because of its excellent properties and tensile strength. It is a well-known fact that the strength of wood is an essential characteristic when it comes to decking options. While there are other woods such as cedar or teak, the IPE wood presents itself a winner when it comes to strength.

This time-tested wood option from Brazil also is known for its properties such as slip resistance, limited shrinkage after drying, and fewer changes or movement during seasonal changes. Such characteristics make the wood even more versatile and long-lasting. For instance, the shrinkage during the season is a common characteristic exerted by any wood or the wooden decks that are placed in the exterior to take in the harsh weather outside. Any wood which offers less resistance to movement can help in less wear and tear or other problems associated with the movement of decks during winters. The IPE wood, therefore, helps in maintaining the structure that is built in.

Similarly, its resistance to microbes such as fungi, mold or termites makes it a durable and cost-effective option. Experts believe that the lifetime of a Brazilian walnut decking can last up to 75 years or more if it is safeguarded properly.

With such features, the Brazilian walnut decks present as a candidate for exteriors this can stand the testing of time without any resistance.