Cedar Timbers – Select the Right Product for Your Building Project

Cedar is popularly known not only for its aroma, but also for its hardness and strength. Cedar timbers are very durable and pass all building codes and standards in North America. For most builders and designers, cedar timbers are the perfect choice for many types of building projects because of their resistance to rot, moisture, and such issues. They are also used for making different pieces of furniture, canoes, paddles, and musical instruments.

How can one kind of wood be this versatile? That’s because cedar exist in multiple varieties. Some of the types of cedar timbers for decking, shingles, and siding are Western Red Cedar, Northern White Cedar, and Yellow Cedar.

If cedar timbers have multiple varieties, wouldn’t they come in different colors, too? This is correct. In fact, cedar comes in a wide a range of tones such as cream, yellow, reddish-brown, and pinkish-red. Occasionally, your cedar timber may have tinges and streaks of purple and pink colors. With this wide color option, it’s much easier to build cedar decks, sidings, and shingles that complement your home’s design.

Of course, cedar timbers also vary in terms of prices. The most common type is Western Red Cedar, which is also one of the most affordable options for decking. Meanwhile, Spanish Cedar and Yellow Cedar are the most expensive types as they are harder to obtain.

High-quality cedar timbers can only be found from reputable retailers or suppliers. You’ll know that you are dealing with the right supplier based on how hands-on they are at answering your inquiries. They are not just helpful in terms of choosing the right kind of cedar timber for your project but also in giving installation and maintenance tips. They also sell cedar at fantastic prices.