Build Your Own Custom Deck with Trailer Decking – Apply These Tips

Trailer decking or even re-decking are effective ways to prolong the lifespan of your deck. Most people have this process done professionally to ensure that all the necessary steps are properly executed. That said, it is certainly possible to make this a DIY project especially if you are the handy type. If you have the right materials and are familiar with the process, then you can do trailer decking successfully. Here are some professional tips to keep in mind.

  • Measure the size of the trailer you’ll use. Get its length, width, as well as the middle sizes.
  • Use lumbers or boards that are longer than the length of the trailer so there are no awkward cuts. Divide the trailer’s width by the board’s width to know how many boards will fit in.
  • Use a chop saw when cutting the lumbers. Then, sand both ends of the lumbers to smoothen the edges and avoid getting splinters while working.
  • Make two holes on each end of the lumber. Make sure to drill 1 inch away from the end to prevent splitting.
  • Draw markings of the center supports on the wood so you’ll know where to drill holes.
  • Use ½-inch metal drill when drilling through the metal of the trailer frame.
  • Always leave gaps (measuring about ¼ inches) in between boards.

Again, not all types of hardwood are suitable for trailer decking. If you need further expert advice regarding on what hardwood to choose and installation, don’t worry. Trusted suppliers today do not only promise to provide the highest quality of hardwood but also excellent customer service. They can give you trailer decking or installation tips, guaranteeing customer satisfaction.