Cedar or Cumaru Wood— Which Is Better for Decking?

Having trouble choosing a decking material? You’re not alone. There are many choices to consider, from softwoods like Cedarwood to hardwoods like Cumaru and even synthetic options like PVC. How do you determine which choice is the best for your requirements?


Cedarwood vs. Cumaru wood as a decking material


  • Durability


Both Cumaru and Cedarwood are incredibly durable decking materials. Cumaru is a hardwood, which means it can withstand thousands of pounds of weight, according to the Janka Hardness Scale.  Cumaru also has longevity that can last decades even if you ignore it. 


Cedar is a little softer than Cumaru; however, it can still withstand a lot of weight. Moreover, this softwood has a natural resistance to insects, rot, and decay and can last for 15 to 20 years with proper care.


  • Design


It’s no secret that Cedar is one of the most beautiful decking options on the market. Known for its gorgeous reddish-brown heartwood, this softwood is further accentuated by thin layers of creamy, light brown sapwood. Cedar also has a fine and uniform texture with straight grains, making it easier to work with.


In comparison, Cumaru can range from medium tan to reddish brown. Its grain is fine but more pronounced, almost giving it a waxy look and feel. However, Cumaru will turn gray over time without regular finishing.  Gray does not mean any problems, it will still last decades.


  • Maintenance


Both Cedar and Cumaru require proper care and maintenance. This is because they will be exposed to a variety of external elements, such as moisture and heat. However, Cedarwood is especially sensitive to dents and scratches because it is much softer than hardwoods.


It’s best to stain or seal your Cedar deck every few years to preserve its appearance. In addition, sealing can help prevent damage due to degradation and drying out when the deck is not installed in an ideal location.


Are you using Cedarwood, Cumaru wood, or a different type of material for your deck? No matter which you choose, make sure to purchase your supplies from a trusted provider in your area. Choose a supplier that offers high-quality materials for reasonable prices, ensuring that your deck lasts for years to come.