All About Trailer Decking: Best Wood, Best Stain, and Best Sealers

Trailer decking is an excellent way to reinforce the strength and longevity of your vehicle. It allows you to carry heavier loads without worrying about dents, scratches, and slips and protects against wear and tear. But what are some things you must remember before decking your trailer?

Best wood for trailer decking

Wood is undoubtedly one of the best materials for decking. This is because wood does not corrode or rust, providing exceptional traction to prevent slipping. Not to mention, wood is much heavier than aluminum but significantly lighter than steel, offering a good middle point between the two metals.

The best thing about wood decking is that you have numerous options to consider. Here are just a few of the most popular lumber choices:

  • Southern Yellow Pine

As one of the hardest pine woods available, Southern Yellow Pine is sometimes used as trailer floor decking material. It boasts a high load capacity; however, its is soft wood and will need replacement in a year or so.

  • Oak

Oak is widely used in building and construction, and it’s not hard to see why. This hardwood offers excellent durability, featuring greater strength than standard pine and Douglas fir. But because of its toughness, oak is a lot more expensive than other decking options.  Unfortunately, it will not last as long as the top rated Apitong.

  • Apitong aka Keruing

Looking for a decking material that can withstand heavy use? Then, Apitong should be at the top of your list. This wood is almost three times stronger than oak and Southern Yellow Pine and can last for several years. This is the wood that is installed by all the major manufacturers.   It is what the OEMs use.


Sealing and staining your trailer decking

Like most wood structures, trailer decks must be sealed and stained for protection. You should purchase stains and sealants with water-repellent properties and UV resistance, ensuring that your deck looks good as new even after several years.

Need supplies for your trailer deck? Make sure to purchase your lumber, sealant, stains, and other materials from a reputable supplier offering high-quality products and customer service.