The Benefits of Using Tiger Wood Decking for Your Flooring

Tigerwood decking are excellent deck floor options made using one of the most beautiful and highest quality hardwoods of the Brazilian species. Also known by the names Brazilian Koa, Goncalo Alves, and Muiracatiara, tigerwood is most notable for its characteristic brown and black streaks on reddish brown to light golden-brown colored wood. Some of the main properties of tigerwood that makes it a great option for decking and other flooring applications include its natural resistance to rotting and decay, as well as its extreme durability, resulting in a life expectancy of over 30 years, even without the addition of wood preservatives.

Another reason why many homeowners prefer tigerwood decking over other deck materials like teak is that it offers many of the same qualities and benefits at a much lower cost. If you are seriously considering tigerwood for your brand-new deck at home, here are even more reasons why you should choose tigerwood over other hardwoods:

  • When it comes to natural wood appearance, tigerwood’s is superior to many other types of wood and is certainly steps above synthetic imitations that try to replicate and mimic the look of natural wood.
  • Investing in a tigerwood decking will prove more practical in the long run, despite its middle of the line cost, because it offers extreme resistance to regular wear, making the wood one of the most durable decking options that will protect your deck from the elements.
  • Despite its hardy nature, tigerwood is relatively easy to work as a material, which makes installation a breeze, especially when purchasing deck kits that feature pre-grooved slabs that make laying down each component fast and easy.
  • Maintenance for tigerwood decking is also as easy as periodic cleaning. Staining and curing the wood are also not necessary, although are great ways to further preserve the wood’s beauty and longevity.