Explore the Main Benefits of Using Cedar Timbers

Cedar timbers or Western red cedar are some of the most popular softwood materials used for a variety of home applications. Manufacturers used this wood not only for flooring but also for building home furniture. Despite its hefty price tag, cedar softwood remains popular because of its many advantages of benefits.

Aesthetically appealing

It may not be obvious that cedar is aesthetically appealing at first glance. But once cedar timbers are turned into boards, you will appreciate its natural beauty. Apart from its color that ranges from pink to deep reddish brown, you will also like its straight grains. The swirls of hues in each board give character to floors, fencing, and walkways. You may not need to apply varnish, stain, or other types of finishing because cedar’s natural beauty allows it to age well, producing even more visually-appealing colors after a few years.

Resistant to rot and insects

Like some types of hardwood, cedar timbers are also capable of resisting rot, termites, and insects. They are likewise resistant to moisture or water. These qualities make cedar timbers durable even though their Janka rating is only 900. Back in the day when cedar was aplenty, builders used this softwood for constructing frames. Today, it is still a popular choice but only for fencing and decking since it has become expensive.

Pleasing aroma

Another major advantage of using cedar timbers is their pleasing aroma. The woody scent of cedar makes the ambiance and mood of homes comforting and warm. Due to its natural aroma, cedar is also used for making scented candles and essential oils.

Cedar timbers cost twice or thrice more than other types of softwood materials, but they are worth investing in. This is especially true if you order from a reliable supplier. Trusted retailers won’t just supply all the cedar timbers you need for building—they will even offer tips on how to properly install their products in your home.