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Points to Be Considered for When Choosing a Teak Wood Decking

Brazilian teak wood decking or sometimes called Cumaru decking is a great choice for hardwood decking for homes. With its natural beauty, resistance to decay and rot, teak wood decking lets homeowners enjoy enduring beauty for years. In fact, with proper maintenance and care, this hardwood decking can last more than 25 years.

Brazilian teak wood decking looks like ipe but is slightly cheaper. Perhaps this is the reason why some builders choose it as an alternative to the expensive and heavy ipe. Choosing the right teak wood for your decking is straightforward, though, you must carefully consider the following factors for optimal results: Continue reading

Advantages of Ipe Decks for the Month of Winter

Ipe decks are considered as the hardest and most durable types of hardwood decking. They are extremely resistant to most wood issues that otherwise cause deterioration and decay. Whether it is infestations, exposure to heat, water, or mold, ipe decks can remain unbothered and unscathed for years. With correct care and maintenance, your ipe deck can even last more than 50 years. Continue reading