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The Benefits of Using Tiger Wood Deck for Your Home

Tiger wood is a fine hardwood that’s ideal for many exterior applications, including hardwood decks. Also marketed as Brazilian Koa, Goncalo Alves, and Muiracatiara, this excellent outdoor decking material is known for its light golden brown to somewhat reddish-brown hue and its characteristic black and brown grain streaks. A tigerwood deck can last more than 30 years even without preservatives. If you are looking to replace your rotting deck, here are more reasons why tiger wood is a superior option for your home deck: Continue reading

Is Cedar Wood the Most Preferred Material for Deck Building?

Cedar wood is a popular decking option preferred by many home owners for many advantageous reasons. Although material choice for deck building is typically reliant upon individual goals and priorities, cedar wood usually hits all the qualities people look for in a decking material. Here are only some of the reasons why cedar decks are sought after by home owners and designers alike: Continue reading

IPE Hardwood Decking: Decking You Don’t Have to Replace

Impervious to many destructive contaminants, Ipe wood is one of the finest wood decking materials you will find in the market. This exotic hardwood sourced from the depths of South American rainforests is up to 8 times as hard as California Redwood, lasting for 20 to 50 years even without preservatives. It is for this reason that IPE hardwood decking is highly sought after by many home and commercial property owners. This near-perfect decking material is strong, dense, and hard, offering natural resistance to rot, abrasion, and changing weather. Continue reading

Garapa Wood – The Right Wood for Your Home

Looking for an ideal wood decking material for your home? Garapa wood might just be the fine-grained hardwood to fit your discerning taste. Also known as Brazilian Ash, this exotic hardwood comes with a beautiful light yellow to a nice and warm golden hue. Line many hardwoods, Garapa is sought after for its strong resistance against rot and decay as well as damage due to insect attacks. This makes garapa wood a worthwhile investment for outdoor decking. Continue reading