Things You Can Do While You Wait for Your Brazilian Teak Decking to Arrive

After ordering your Ipe or Cumaru Brazilian Teak decking and other materials, there are things you need to do to make the site ready prior to building the deck. You are able to complete some of these ahead of time, so when your decking arrives you are ready to move on with your project. If you are building your deck over a lawn, you might want to remove the grass. While this is not necessary, maintaining the lawn can become an issue, later on, because your decking will be in the way. You only have to remove the top few inches of grass. You may want to cut it into strips of sod and transplant it to a different area on your property. After the grass is removed, you should cover the dirt with a plastic cover, as this prevents weeds from taking seed.

The next thing you can do ahead of time is to install flashing in the area where your Brazilian Teak deck is going to touch against your house. Flashing is easy to work with and requires using tin snips to cut it. Flashing does need to be placed under siding, doors and windows. You may have to cut the flashing down to get it to fit under doors and windows. Ideally, you should have at least two inches of flashing under the siding, and at least an inch under the windows or doors, as this helps hold it in place. Further, you want to make sure the flashing is bent at a 90 degree angle, so the part not under the siding, doors, or windows is left to act as a barrier between your house and the decking.