Hardwood Decking and Its Various Advantages

Ipe and Brazilian oak are among the popular choices when it comes to building decks. If you are new to choosing hardwood decking for your home’s exterior spaces, you might be wondering what good it will do and how it is better than other materials. So, here is an overview of the advantages when you use hardwoods on your property: Continue reading

Explore the Main Benefits of Using Cedar Timbers

Cedar timbers or Western red cedar are some of the most popular softwood materials used for a variety of home applications. Manufacturers used this wood not only for flooring but also for building home furniture. Despite its hefty price tag, cedar softwood remains popular because of its many advantages of benefits. Continue reading

The Benefits of Using Tiger Wood Decking for Your Flooring

Tigerwood decking are excellent deck floor options made using one of the most beautiful and highest quality hardwoods of the Brazilian species. Also known by the names Brazilian Koa, Goncalo Alves, and Muiracatiara, tigerwood is most notable for its characteristic brown and black streaks on reddish brown to light golden-brown colored wood. Some of the main properties of tigerwood that makes it a great option for decking and other flooring applications include its natural resistance to rotting and decay, as well as its extreme durability, resulting in a life expectancy of over 30 years, even without the addition of wood preservatives. Continue reading

Ipe Wood Deck: Best for Outdoor Use

Whenever summer approaches, many homeowners make plans to replenish their tired decking or build an entirely new structure that can serve as their outdoor oasis in the heat of the season. This, however, is no easy task—especially when you think about all the decking material options that you can choose from, including much cheaper synthetic products that offer tempting price tags, but are nowhere near the charm and elegance of real hardwoods. An ipe wood deck is a brilliant choice for an outdoor decking structure. In fact, ipe wood is something of a favorite go-to material for builders and designers because of its innate elegance, remarkable strength, amazing durability, and graceful beauty. Here are more reasons why ipe wood deck is a great choice for your deck build: Continue reading

Installing Ipe Decking: Keep Your Deck Looking Great for Many Years

With innumerable choices of wood available today for decking, many prefer installing the IPE decking for its durable and cost-effective nature. What make the ipe decking most-sought after is its beautiful, walnut hue and also its excellent resistance properties to problems such as termites, molds and fungi.

The Brazilian walnut, comes from the deep confines of the rain forests of southern Brazil which possess a subtropical temperature and therefore, quite a challenge for a tree to grow. Their habitat itself makes these Brazilian walnut trees much more resistance to problems faced by other types of woods such as retention of moisture or mold and fungi. Continue reading

Brazilian Walnut Decking: A Decking Made To Stand The Test Of Time!

Brazilian walnut decking or the Ipe wood decking is extensively used outdoors by the landscaping specialists due to its extreme durability and long-lasting effects. The IPE wood is a dark brown colored wood which possesses a medium to fine texture and expels green dust when cut.

Brazilian walnut decking is widely used in extreme climatic conditions too, because of its excellent properties and tensile strength. It is a well-known fact that the strength of wood is an essential characteristic when it comes to decking options. While there are other woods such as cedar or teak, the IPE wood presents itself a winner when it comes to strength. Continue reading

How Cumaru Decking Offers Lasting Outdoor Enjoyment?

Of the many types of decks that you can build for your home, why should you invest in cumaru decking? Because this material has enduring qualities and beauty that can compete with the top decking materials like Ipe wood. Many designers and expert deck builders swear by the reliability of a cumaru decking and are happy to recommend cumaru to their clients who are looking for less expensive alternatives to Ipe hardwood. Your cumaru decking can offer lasting outdoor enjoyment in different ways. Continue reading

The Advantages of Choosing Ipe decking For Your House

The expensive tag price of Ipe decking materials may make you think twice about whether or not it’s really worth investing in. After all, there are plenty of other hardwood materials that are also beautiful but less expensive. But, Ipe remains the top choice for those who are looking for enduring elegance and long-lasting value. There are many advantages and benefits of building a deck made of Ipe. Continue reading

Choose the Beauty and Durability of Ipe Hardwood Decking

Like many homeowners, you may be thinking of installing an Ipe hardwood decking because a lot of people are recommending it. But then you see how much it would cost you to build an Ipe deck—and you start to wonder if it’s really worth the price. Despite the expensive cost of Ipe hardwood decking, it is still considered a great investment. Upgrading your deck using this type of hardwood can add value and timeless elegance to your home. Continue reading