Cumaru Unleashed: A Deep Dive into the Benefits of this Tropical Hardwood

Selecting the right materials is key to achieving both beauty and durability when building outdoor living spaces. Common hardwoods often fall short in this regard. They tend to lack longevity and durability, often necessitating regular maintenance and early replacement.
If you’re looking for something better, Cumaru—also known as Brazilian teak—is an exceptional choice. Its versatility extends beyond standard decking, as it is available in various configurations, including handrails, shiplap, and rainscreens, offering a wide range of building possibilities.

Cumaru, with its eye-catching medium tan to deep reddish-brown color and pronounced grain, is not just visually appealing but also highly reliable for outdoor construction due to its toughness and resistance to weather, moisture, and pests. Its popularity in the US for decking is a testament to its quality and versatility.

A sustainable and environmentally friendly choice

Native to South America, Cumaru is sustainably sourced from tropical rainforests. It adheres to the strict environmental, social, and economic standards set by the FSC. Choosing Cumaru from a reputable source means investing in a sustainable, high-quality deck. Furthermore, Cumaru grows faster than other Brazilian hardwoods, making it a renewable resource with minimal impact on its habitat.

Durability and reliability

Cumaru trees grown in South American rainforests are naturally resistant to insect infestation, rot, and decay thanks to their natural oils and high density. Even after processing, Cumaru retains its natural resilience for 25 years or more without the need for chemical treatments. Its adaptation to damp and hot weather conditions contributes to its dense core, maintaining its durability long after installation.

Superior hardness and density

On the Janka Hardness Scale, Cumaru scores 3550 lbf—significantly harder than hardwoods like oak and maple. This makes Cumaru resistant to scratches, ideal for high-traffic areas and under heavy furniture.

Moisture resistance

Cumaru’s high oil content makes it resistant to water penetration, protecting it from splitting, cracking, or warping. This resistance also makes it less prone to mold and fungal growth, reducing the need for frequent cleaning and maintenance.

Aesthetic appeal

The natural color of Cumaru ranges from tan to deep reddish-brown, with each board featuring a unique grain pattern. Staining can enhance these natural features, making Cumaru suitable for building visually striking decks, fences, or benches.

Low maintenance

Although Cumaru naturally grays over time due to UV exposure, this process can be slowed with the periodic application of a UV-blocking finisher. Other than this, Cumaru requires little maintenance to remain durable and visually appealing for decades.


While Cumaru’s initial cost may be higher than some alternatives, its longevity and minimal maintenance needs make it a cost-effective choice in the long run, offering better value than both high-end hardwoods and budget-friendly options.

Experience the benefits of Cumaru.

Cumaru’s unique blend of beauty, durability, and sustainability makes it an ideal choice for anyone looking to upgrade their outdoor areas. Whether you are building a deck, a bench, or even intricate garden features, Cumaru provides the perfect combination of aesthetic appeal and practicality. Its natural resistance to the elements and pests, coupled with its low maintenance needs, ensures that your outdoor space will not only look stunning but also stand the test of time. With Cumaru, you can create an outdoor oasis that reflects both your style and commitment to sustainable living!

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