How Rainscreen Siding Works: Understanding the Principles Behind the System

Moisture problems in the home are usually because of rain, ice, and snow that can make water seep through from the exterior walls. The good news is you can counteract that by installing rainscreen siding. It’s a multi-layer, high-performance assembly consisting of a cavity, outer cladding, and a vapor and air barrier. Together, these elements prevent water penetration Continue reading

Garapa Decking vs. Other Wood Options: What Sets Garapa Apart

Are you planning to construct a deck? If so, consider Brazilian hardwoods. Brazilian hardwoods are known for their exceptional hardness, durability, appealing aesthetics, and long lifespan. As you explore the variety of choices, you will likely come across names like Ipe and Tigerwood. Both of these options are visually appealing, displaying rich brown or reddish Continue reading

The Top Reasons to Choose Garapa Decking for Your Home or Commercial Property

Oak is a widely used wood species for building decks on residential and commercial properties. And if you want something durable and low-maintenance, consider choosing garapa or Brazilian oak. It comes in an attractive light yellow color and boasts excellent properties like greater density, hardness, and scratch resistance. Keep reading to discover more reasons to choose garapa decking for your project.

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How Cedar Wood Can Naturally Repel Insects and Keep Your Home Pest-Free

Although wood has been a traditional material for building, it can present issues in the long term due to its vulnerability to rotting and insect damage. Nevertheless, there are certain types of wood that surpass others in terms of flexibility and durability. Cedar wood is a perfect example, and with the right supplier, you can easily get it as beams, timbers, shingles, decking, boards, or lumber for any project.

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Exploring the Beauty and Versatility of Cumaru Wood: Design Ideas and Inspiration for Your Deck

If you want your deck to withstand the test of time, it’s crucial to build it with long-lasting materials. Cumaru hardwood is an excellent option. Also known as Brazilian teak, it’s among the densest hardwoods known for longevity and durability, and that makes it ideal for building decks. Like ipe, this Brazilian hardwood is naturally Continue reading