Make a Unique Look and Enhance the Beauty of your Home by Using Cedar wood Decking

When you think of the best decking material, you probably imagine ipe, garapa, and other types of hardwood. But did you know that cedar wood—which is a type of softwood—is also a great choice for decking? Though cedar wood is more expensive than many types of hardwood, it is still the choice of many home designers, builders, and homeowners. Curious to know why? Read further.

Western Red Cedar, Northern White Cedar, and Yellow Cedar are some of the varieties of cedar wood that are used for decking and other outdoor applications. Western Red Cedar is the most preferred among the three because it is less expensive. This variety also has reddish-brown and pinkish-red colors that can give any property a warm and welcoming ambiance.

Nevertheless, Northern White Cedar and Yellow Cedar can still enhance the beauty of your home, offering a cleaner appeal. Sometimes, cedar woods have tinges and streaks of pink hues that make decks or floors even more unique.

Apart from being attractive, cedar timbers are also priced because of their durability. It is hard to believe that a softwood with a Janka rating of 900 is naturally resistant to decay and rot, but this is true. In fact, cedar wood can also withstand insect or termite attacks and resist moisture. These qualities make it suitable for outdoor areas that are exposed to extreme weather environment.

Like other durable hardwood, this softwood is also low-maintenance. You still need to apply sealers and do regular cleaning. Other than these, there is no special maintenance procedure required. Despite exposure to heat and cold weathers, cedar boards won’t easily warp or split. Your cedar deck can continuously add value to your home for 15-20 years or more without too much upkeep.

Unlike other decking materials, cedar is harvested in fewer areas, which explains their expensive price. Only premier retailers for wood decking materials can supply them. Through these trusted suppliers, you can guarantee high-quality cedar wood for your decking.