Before Installing Brazilian Teak Decking Verify the Support Structure is Level

The most important component to a new deck is the foundation, base, and frame. Prior to installing your Brazilian teak wood over the structure, it is vital to ensure it is level. If you install your decking on an uneven base and frame, there is a chance the boards will not be fully secured. You could end up with gaps on one side of the deck, in between the flooring and the frame. Further, leaving exposed sections of the frame can result in water accumulating in these areas under the deck floor and cause the structure to deteriorate at a faster rate.

Even though your Brazilian teak wood is designed to last a long time, it is only as good as the support of the underlying structure formed by the foundation, base, and frame. In order to properly install your main support structure, you need to prepare the area correctly. This involves removing any grass, vegetation, or shrubs from the location where the deck will be installed. You should make sure to slope the dirt at an elevated angle from the side of the house, downwards towards your yard. Angling the ground creates a natural run off for water and directs it away from the support structure.

The next step is to seal the wood used for the foundation, base, and frame. Most of the time, people use a different type of wood, instead of Cumaru. By sealing the wood, you increase its resistance to moisture and prevent rot, fungus, and insect infestations. Once sealed, you should securely install each support post, and you may want to use concrete to hold them in place. It is crucial to verify that the support posts are the same height at the top, as well as level, before pouring concrete into the holes. As you start to install the rest of the base and frame, you want to take your time and not rush this process. It is equally important to make sure each section is level and the same height.