Beyond the Expected: 5 Unexpected Benefits of Ipe Hardwood Decking

During a time of economic uncertainty when every dollar counts, many homeowners find themselves second-guessing home-improvement purchases — especially those that come with a heftier price tag. This cautious approach is understandable. After all, it’s more important than ever to make the most of one’s budget. But when it comes to building an outdoor deck that should last many years and enhance the value and beauty of your home, the best materials do require a little extra investment.

Ipe hardwood decking is one such investment. Its price may initially seem steep, but this material is undoubtedly worth every cent. You may have encountered the common praises of ipe wood decking — its amazing durability, resistance to wear, and aesthetic appeal. But did you know that there are many more (often overlooked) benefits to choosing ipe for your deck? Here’s a rundown that might just change the way you think about decking materials.

  1. Its price reflects its quality

It’s true that ipe wood comes with a higher upfront cost than alternatives like cedar or redwood. It costs more per square foot and may also cost more to install. However, ipe wood also boasts natural oils and a density that no other wood matches. This combination not only repels pests but significantly delays the weathering process, which makes an ipe wood deck a robust addition to your home. In fact, ipe decks can last 50 years without needing a replacement.

  1. Its FSC certification means sustainability

Another advantage that often goes unnoticed is the environmental aspect of using ipe hardwood. Did you know that ipe wood harvested from forests managed responsibly earns the Forest Stewardship Council’s (FSC) certification? This label assures you that your choice supports sustainable forest management practices, making your ipe deck not just a luxury for your home but a responsible choice for our planet.

  1. It offers cool comfort on warm days

Ipe wood stays relatively cool underfoot, even in direct sunlight. Unlike composite materials or other types of wood that absorb and radiate heat, ipe wood decking provides a more comfortable surface, ensuring barefoot-friendly walkways even on the warmest days.

  1. It has remarkable resilience and safety features

Ipe wood’s durability is no exaggeration. Being Eight times stronger than cedar and six times as hard as redwood, it withstands extreme weather, heavy foot traffic, and the test of time with minimal wear. Its incredible resilience is not just theoretical — the famed Coney Island boardwalk, made from ipe, stood strong for over 25 years amidst massive crowds. Additionally, ipe’s fire resistance is on par with materials like concrete and steel, offering an extra layer of safety.

  1. It has an unseen economic advantage

Lastly, while the initial cost may steer some away, the long-term perspective paints a different picture. Considering maintenance, replacement, and life cycle costs, ipe wood decking emerges as one of the most economical choices over time. Its longevity and low upkeep requirements make it a competitive option even against less expensive (and inferior) wood or synthetic alternatives. Moreover, its slip resistance meets ADA standards, ensuring the safety of your family and friends when enjoying your deck.

There you have it — five unexpected yet critical benefits of ipe hardwood decking. We hope these points well illustrate why we believe ipe wood is a worthy investment for any homeowner with an eye for quality, sustainability, comfort, resilience, and cost-effectiveness.

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