Ipe Decking – Flooring with a Special Flair

The trend of designing a beautiful deck for a house has caught on and stuck with the public in full vigour. The beautification that a well-chosen decking offers to homeowners is incomparable. The increasing demand for good quality decking has led to innovations in the industry where decking material is concerned. One of the most popular decking materials is the Ipe wood. In this blog, you shall learn how Ipe decking is a flooring with a special flair.

Reason #1: The wood

Ipe is a kind of wood that hails from South and Central America. It is a hard wood with Janka rating of 3680 lbs. This being said, there is actually no competitor out there which offers such a hardness at highly competitive prices of the finished product.

Reason #2: Charm value

The dark brown to reddish hues of this wood will leave you spellbound. You can procure different shades of the wood to achieve a strikingly hued deck. It allows for such flexibility in design that the competitor woods stand no chance against Ipe.

Reason #3: Safety, hand-in-hand

The unique grain structure and color of this wood are not all the appeals it has. Ipe decking has an A1 fire rating which makes it equivalent to concrete when it comes to resisting fires. Its natural oils and dense grain make it strong and long-lasting.

Where else will you find a wood that offers chicness in combination with long life and safety?