How Apitong Wood Lasts Longer For Truck Trailer Bed Decking

Truck trailers are heavily utilized in loading and unloading all kinds of materials. They therefor require hardy truck trailer bed decking that can withstand the elements and stand up to daily use and abuse. Apitong wood is a viable option. It can confidently meet the different challenges that truck trailers face, such as:

  • Moving furniture – Truck trailers with Apitong trailer bed decking can be used to move huge and heavy furniture such as sofas and dinner tables, to name a few. They are also very useful in the delivery of bulky items and huge appliances like washing machines, refrigerators, and other equipment.
  • Hauling recreational vehicles – If you have ATVs and dirt bikes, you can definitely make use of your Apitong truck trailer deck to transport them.
  • Transporting livestock – The livestock business regularly utilizes Apitong wood truck trailer bed decking to move animals to county fairs and markets.
  • Loading construction materials – If you are delivering slabs of wood and other construction materials, you need a strong truck trailer bed deck for ease of transfer and movement. Apitong wood won’t fail you.

Apitong is greatly recommended for truck trailer bed decking because it has the following characteristics:

  • High density – Apitong is a very strong type of wood. It resists shrinkage and physical deterioration.
  • Affordability – Because the wood will be exposed to daily wear-and-tear, you must use a product that can easily be replaced whenever necessary. The relatively affordable cost of Apitong makes it a great option.
  • Low moisture content – Because of this characteristic, Apitong maintains a hardness level that enables it to sustain heavy loading and unloading.
  • Rot resistance – This type of wood is great for trailer decking because it is very durable against fungi and termites.

Finally, Apitong is widely recommended for its workability. It’s great for trailer decking because it is generally easy to shape and cut using normal hand and machine tools.