5 Shades of Wow: Unleash the Rainbow Elegance of Ipe Brazilian Hardwood Decks

Are you building a deck? Instead of choosing conventional wood or composites, how about something more durable and long-lasting, like ipe Brazilian hardwood?

It’s one of our best-selling materials here at ABS Wood, where you will find a full line of products—from decking to handrails and lumber. As leading suppliers of Brazilian hardwoods in the US, we comply with the Lacey Act and make sure that our products—including ipe wood for sale—are sourced only from sustainably managed forests to minimize our environmental impact.

When customers approach us for Brazilian hardwoods, they want something that instantly adds a wow factor to their deck. That’s exactly what ipe offers. Also known as Brazilian Black Walnut and Ironwood in the US, ipe is becoming more popular for residential applications, particularly for decking and indoor flooring.

Effortless elegance

When you explore our selection of ipe wood, the first thing you’ll appreciate is its rich brown color and subtle variety of shades. All our boards share a dominant medium brown tone, complemented by a stunning grain pattern that brings a refined elegance to any deck. What’s great is that even though they all share the same rich hue, they each have personalities. Some boards are deep (nearly black) brown, while others have hints of red and green. This creates a unique and visually captivating decking surface, ensuring no two decks are exactly alike.

The color of ipe Brazilian hardwood works well with any interior or exterior application, especially for decks. This material is also versatile for building other outdoor features, such as tables, pergolas, and docks. You don’t even have to look elsewhere to source boards and lumber for those needs because we have everything here at ABS Wood.

Beyond aesthetics, there are many other reasons to use ipe Brazilian hardwood for your project. Here are some of them: 

Better value for your money

As top suppliers of ipe wood for sale, we understand that ipe is among the most expensive Brazilian hardwoods. But don’t let the cost prevent you from investing in a long-lasting and naturally beautiful hardwood. It will prove its cost-effectiveness in the long run.

One of the benefits of an ipe deck is how easy it is to maintain.  This Brazilian hardwood doesn’t need frequent treatments to preserve its beauty and strength. To maintain its rich brown and reddish hues, simply apply a high-quality UV-blocking finisher, though this is optional. If you prefer, you can let the wood naturally turn gray over the years with sun exposure.

Durable material

Ipe wood for sale is also a good investment if you want your deck to last a long time. At ABS Wood, we only sell top-grade Ipe Brazilian hardwood that ranks 3680 lb on the Janka scale of hardness (harder than oak). Imagine a baseball bat but more resilient and with an A1 fire rating similar to concrete.

In addition, ipe is so dense that termites, pine beetles, and other wood-destroying organisms don’t like to waste time trying to bite it. You don’t even need to use special pesticides to keep bugs away.

Ouripe wood for saleis also scratch-resistant, and it takes a lot of force and weight to damage the surface. In case you accidentally drag something sharp across your deck, you can smooth it out with an 80-grit orbital sander.

Are you ready to wow people with an Ipe Brazilian hardwood deck? Contact us here on our website or call 352-508-4490 or 404-549-4840 for an estimate on our ipe wood for sale. Our friendly team will also walk you through the options to help you pick the best materials for your project.