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Cedar Timbers – Select the Right Product for Your Building Project

Cedar is popularly known not only for its aroma, but also for its hardness and strength. Cedar timbers are very durable and pass all building codes and standards in North America. For most builders and designers, cedar timbers are the perfect choice for many types of building projects because of their resistance to rot, moisture, and such issues. They are also used for making different pieces of furniture, canoes, paddles, and musical instruments. Continue reading

Build Your Own Custom Deck with Trailer Decking – Apply These Tips

Trailer decking or even re-decking are effective ways to prolong the lifespan of your deck. Most people have this process done professionally to ensure that all the necessary steps are properly executed. That said, it is certainly possible to make this a DIY project especially if you are the handy type. If you have the right materials and are familiar with the process, then you can do trailer decking successfully. Here are some professional tips to keep in mind. Continue reading

Build a Perfect Deck with Brazilian Hardwood Deck Material

Brazilian hardwood decks are popular across the world because of their durability, strength, resistance, and beauty. They are superior to other decking materials in many ways. Almost all kinds of this tropical hardwood can last at least 20 years and require little to no maintenance. They can also remain cool even in high temperatures. In fact, they have a high fire resistance rating, too. Continue reading