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Significance of Cypress Decking Wood Material

Cypress wood is the name given to the wood obtained from cypress trees. These coniferous trees grow in the northern temperate regions and shed like deciduous trees. They grow alongside hardwood trees and are grouped with hardwoods. Cypress wood is used in building furniture, decks, building material among other things.

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Reasons to Choose Cedar Wood for Decking

Cedar wood, a type of softwood, is obtained from coniferous trees called cedars that grow in different parts of the world. The quality and use of cedar wood are dependent on where the trees come from. Cedar trees grow well in moist mountain soil which is rich in limestone and grow fast when exposed to sunlight. Cedar wood is popular for both indoor and outdoor use.

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Tips for Maintaining Your Ipe Deck

Ipe is one of the best types of wood for decking. It has a beautiful russet brown color with a dense and tight grain. High tannin and oil content makes it naturally resistant to termites, molds, and bugs. It requires low maintenance and has a long lifespan. Ipe decks can last up to five decades or more. Continue reading