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from Advanced Building Supplies

Chicago has it all! Festivals like the Blues Festival, Landmarks like the tallest building formally know as Sears, Fun on Lakeshore drive. However the most important thing to Chicagoans are friends and family. A frequent gathering spot is our decks. To maximize your friendship and minimize deck maintenance, look at Ipe or Brazilian hardwood decking.

Ipe is a wonderful building material across all of Illinois. Ipe, along with Stainless Steel fasteners are well suited to withstand the brutal winters, the wonderful summers, and all seasons in between. Many times harder than Hickory, Ipe is very dense and stable. Ipe last for years and gives you the rich beauty of natural wood. The best part, your deck or outdoor kitchen after providing a service to you it will still be an asset when you sell.

Considerations of Composites, PT Pine vs Ipe

  • Four seasons, Ipe outperforms in them all. Expect a nice straight board with no sags all summer long.
  • Ipe resists mold and mildew
  • Ipe resists bugs. Termites and Pine Beatles cannot chew it.

Ipe, the Perfect Choice to build a Chicago Deck.

Our Premium grade Ipe is a great investment for any home. We have heard from many of our Illinois customers they are once again replacing their deck. This time they want beauty, and durability, low maintence, and be an asset when their home is sold.

Our commercial customers use Ipe as they know it is a one time installation.

Ipe decking has the following features which make it a perfect choice for deck or outdoor kitchen:

  • Many Times harder than hickory (Cubs baseball bats) or oak (floors), Ipe Decking (Brazilian Walnut) is the hardest decking on the planet
  • An A1 fire rating is the best and is what concrete has. A1 Ipe all the way
  • If Ipe could laugh, it would laugh at the puny termites. They leave Ipe and chew pine.
  • Ipe wood has no chemicals and can be used near ponds or lake Michigan without potential contamination
  • Do you have dogs? Ipe natural hardness means no scratch “run trails.”

Samples our Ipe decking.


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