Wise Rail Deck Cable Railing

Summary: Stainless Steel Cable Railing is great for seeing the great outdoors. As shown, if you have a beautiful view of a lake, ocean, mountain, or even a great back yard you want to see the view, not your railing. The Deckwise Cable is the way to go to maximize the view and minimize obstructions. We carry the DeckWise cable rails that can be installed indoor or out. The rails come in kits from 5 feet to 50 feet with various end connections. All the accessories are available for both the DIY or Pro. Photos and Video’s are on out site to you can truly plan your installation.

Many Types to meet your needs: Inside to inside or through the post we have you covered. You can also mix and match for a truly custom plan.

DeckWise Cable is all 316 Stainless perfect for Outdoor corrosive environments. All the kits come with the details on how and where to drill. Videos will show you how to install and are strongly advised prior to purchase.


  • 316 stainless Steel
  • 5’ to 50’ lengths
  • Both inside to inside and outside to outside cables
  • Straight Runs, Stair Runs, Around Gable and Corner Runs
  • Detailed Installation Guides
  • All Accessories – complete system
  • Special Tools available

Adam Gangemi of DeckWise did a great job outlining the summary and details of Cable Rails.

Wise Rail Deck Cable Railing Videos


Deck Items

WiseRail® WiseCable® Legacy WC-LS – “Inside to Inside Posts” – Hardware will show. Straight run
The Legacy is designed for inside to inside posts. This is common where your post are against the home or other obstruction. The lag fits into the post on each side with the cable between. See diagram below for clearer understanding. The Legacy comes in two options, either straight or for stair slopes.



WiseRail® WiseCable® Legacy WC-LSS – Stair or angle runs – “ Inside to Inside Posts” Hardware will show. This will work on both Stairs and around corners such as gables.



WiseRail® WiseCable® Estate WC-ES “Outside to Outside Posts



WiseRail® WiseCable® Estate WC-ES “Outside to Outside Posts


WiseRail® WiseCable® Heritage WC-HS – Most Economical – “Outside to Outside Posts”


Cable Rail Accessories
The accessories and tools shown in the Video’s above are available through ABS.
Stainless Steel Post Protector Tubes – WC-CD-TUBE-4

Insert the Post Protector Tube into the wood to both provide a professional look and keep the cable from damaging the wood. Use this at cable post entry and exits on stairs and corners.

Anodized Aluminum Cable Brace – WC-CB-AA-42-P-13H
Used between wood posts where the distance is long (8’). They keep you compliant to local codes. The brace has predrilled holes to keep the cables nice and straight along their run.
They are ¾” x ¾” x 42” long and predrilled at 3 1/8” centers. Easy to trim to size for your installation.

Anodized Aluminum Cable Brace For Stairs - WC-CB-AA-42-P-S
Similar to the above but used where slopes are involved.
They are ¾” x ¾” x 42” long. They are not pre-drilled as you need custom drill to match the slope of your stairs.

Cable Gripping Pliers - WC-PLIERS Unlike ViceGrips these Gripping Pliers are designed to grip cables without damaging them. Using regular pliers or vice grips will cause the cable to flatten. These eliminate that risk.

Cable Release - WC-PL-KEY For 1/8” Push and pull locks only. Releases cable from lock type fittings before tensioning the cables.

Stainless Steel Crown End Cap WC-HS-CAP-10
For Heritage Series to provide for a professional finished look.

Heavy-Duty Cable Cutter - WC-HIT-HWC9 Hardened to cut 1/8” cables cleanly with no burrs

Light-Duty Cable Cutter - WC-HIT-HWC6 Burr Free cable cutting. These light duty cutters feature hardened blades that will cleanly cut 1/8” cables.

Light Duty Hanger Bolt Drive - WC-LD-BOLT-DRIVER Makes driving hanger bolts fast and easy. Use to install adjustable body with Hanger Bolt tensioners.

Cut-Off Tool - WC-CUT-OFF-WHEEL Cut your cables flush with the end of Pull-Lock fittings. Cut excess threads off stud-type tensioners. Includes mandrel and two cut-off wheels.