Florida Deck By Advanced Building Supplies

Most people in Florida have been told that it’s not possible to build a deck with ipe in Florida. The common excuses that retailers give to avoid wood deck in Florida are moisture and heat. A retailer in Florida would rather insist for composite decking or pressure treated decking. One should know that these lumber stores are only interested in selling the product that gives them the most profit. At times the retailers would impose you for plastic decking which require you to trouble your pocket more, just to maintain the deck.

It’s time that Florida residents should know the truth.

Here are a few considerations to keep in mind while choosing a decking material to build a Florida Deck:

  • Your deck will be exposed to extreme sunlight.
  • In Florida, the summer season lasts for 9 months.
  • It rains almost each day in Florida throughout the wet season.
  • Moisture makes mold and mildew which creates a problem for all homeowners in Florida.

So What’s the Perfect Choice to build a Florida Deck?

Florida homeowners can build a deck with Brazilian hardwood! The best wood to use for Florida deck is ipe decking. This premium grade hardwood is, by far, the best investment you could make to add a luxurious deck in your home.

Ipe decking comes with the following features to make it a perfect choice to make a Deck in Florida:

  • Ipe Decking (Brazilian Walnut) is extremely hard almost 3x harder than Oak.
  • It has a fire rating of A1 (the highest possible, the same as concrete), and is denser than water (it sinks).
  • It is increasingly popular as a decking material due to its insect resistance and durability.
  • Ipe wood products contain no added harmful chemicals so it can be used near water without potential contamination.
  • Ipe is extremely durable to termites and fungus.
  • Ipe hardness provides natural scratch resistance making Ipe an perfect wood for exterior decking.

Samples of our deck projects completed in Florida are listed below:

Ipe lumber (Ipe lumber
Ipe 4×4 Lumber)

ipe lumber
Ipe Handrail, subrail, baluster(Ipe lumber
Ipe 2×6)

Samples of our decking projects completed in Florida are listed below:

ipe deckingipe wood deckipe wood deckingipe wood deckingipe wood deckingipe wood deck

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