Bahamas Deck By Advanced Building Supplies

Island living is wonderful. However along with the fun, the sun and the surf the islands have unique challenges to all building materials. For decks, Ipe is a wonderful building material in the Bahamas and across the Caribbean. Ipe, along with Stainless Steel fasteners are well suited to withstand the brutal sun, sea, and huricanes that are part of life in the Islands. Ipe is 3 times as hard as oak, very stable, and incredibly dense. Ipe allows you to use the natural beauty of wood but will last years.

Here are a few reasons you need to consider Ipe vs composites or pt pine:

  • In the Bahamas, we only have one season, SUMMER! Ipe does not melt or sag
  • It rains! Ipe resists mold, mildew
  • Bugs cannot chew ipe

So What’s the Perfect Choice to build a Island Deck?

Premium grade Ipe is the best investment for any island home. We have heard from many of our island customers they are replacing their deck, (again). They want something that will maintain its beauty and be an asset when the home is sold.

Our commercial customers use Ipe for huge marinas as they know it is a one time installation.

Ipe decking comes with the following features to make it a perfect choice to make a Deck in the Bahamas:

  • 3 Times as hard as oak, Ipe Decking (Brazilian Walnut) is one of the hardest woods on the planet
  • Ipe fire rating of A1
  • If Ipe could laugh, it would laugh at the punty insects that try to attack it like Marine Boarers.
  • Ipe wood can be used near water without potential contamination as it is chemical free.
  • Ipe natural hardness means scratch resistance.
  • Ipe is fine for water contact

Samples our wood in the islands. Check out that beautiful Caribean water.

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