Using Durable Cumaru Decking on the Floor

Cumaru wood is better known as Brazilian or Golden Teak. Being a golden brown hardwood, it is one of the best choices for decking, furniture, flooring, bearings, and handles. The wood is rot and decay resistant and lasts longer than most others. It is a dense wood with Janka hardness of 3,540 (12% m.c.). Its basic specific gravity ranges from .80 to .91. This makes it a good choice for scratch resistant flooring in a house, even in high foot traffic areas.

Cumaru is a popular choice in outdoor decking and gives off the touch of an interior décor style wood finish. The grain of Cumaru wood is coarse, giving a beautiful rich texture on the surface with grain variations. It is a reddish-brown wood that makes the flooring look exceptionally elegant. It is advised to consult an architect and follow the building and construction policies, but there is no reason you should be afraid to experiment with this versatile and strong natural building material. Plan and take a day to understand the quantity and quality requirements and search for available resources. When purchasing Cumaru wood, consult with the seller to know its specifications. If you plan for a DIY decking session, then follow the architect’s plan. There are standard variants available with pre-grooved decking. But, professional work ensures a good finish.

Some of the reasons why Cumaru is a great wood for flooring and decking are listed here:

  • Density and Durability: It is the second densest hardwood used for decking or flooring. It is decay resistant and has a lifespan of fifty years without any preservatives.
  • Appearance and Finishing: Cumaru is a golden brown wood that makes the household or outdoor decking look extraordinarily beautiful. However, being alkaline, not all polishes do well. There are specific oils that work as a polish and can be used after a span or one-two years. Cumaru is best in when used with its natural looks and veining pattern.
  • Rot and Decay Resistant: For the wood to be functionally used, it is important to have a variant that is resistant to insects and worms. Further, it should not decay in harsh climatic conditions and local weather changes. Cumaru meets both these requirements.
  • Cost: Cumaru wood is of moderate cost and its longevity makes it a better alternative to other tradition decking woods and materials. The overall cost incurred over the complete lifecycle is much lower.