Tips for Selecting the Best Garapa Wood for Your House

When selecting the best material for your home’s decking or flooring, it pays knowing your options o that you can weigh the pros and cons of each. One of the first things you should remember when shopping for wood for these applications is that not all decking and flooring materials are created equal. The best material for your home will largely depend on your personal preferences and circumstances, your budget, the level of maintenance you can and are willing to do, the kind of end look you desire, the installation’s anticipated lifespan, its eco friendliness, as well as its ease of installation.

Garapa wood is a popular decking and flooring choice in homes. This medium-priced option is mostly found in South America. It is an eco-friendly tropical hardwood timber that is an exceptional choice for building an attractive looking, high quality deck. It begins with a golden hue and weathers overtime to a beautiful driftwood grey. Unlike other hardwood decking timbers, garapa is relatively easy to work with, but is tough enough to give your deck a significant lifespan.

A popular Brazilian wood specie, this high-density hardwood is incredibly durable, making for an ideal material for exterior structures like decks, wood siding, outdoor furniture, and a lot more. If you want a warm natural look to your project, Garapa is a perfect choice. From a strength and durability standpoint, Garapa is a comparatively dense and extremely hard option that will help your outdoor installation resist different kinds of punishments, from natural weathering to decay. Garapa has a very high rating for decay resistance, thanks to its high density and naturally occurring oils, which help make it more resistant to pest and termite attacks.

Garapa has a rich golden-brown hue that darkens slightly with age. Its soft, ribbon-like grain patterns closely resemble that of mahogany or maple, which is ideal if you want something classic looking at a cheaper price tag.