Tigerwood Decking – A Perfect Way to Beautify Your Home

One of the best ways to spend the evening would be to unwind on the deck. A book, a drink or a chat with a loved member of the family can be the best way to unwind after a long day. The choice of decking wood is of great importance due to many reasons, some of which are outlined below. Tigerwood is probably as good a choice as the decision to opt for decking in your residence.

Decking designed to last long

Decking needs to last long, with some decks   known to last as long as the residence. Typically, decking material needs to last for at least twenty five years. Tigerwood with its natural hardwood characteristics and durability lasts for as long as thirty years making it a better choice than most other decking material in terms of durability.

Enhancing appearance with subtle elegance

Tigerwood with its distinct features spanning a light golden brown shade to reddish brown shades comprises black and brown streaks. This visible trait of black and brown stripes lends it the name of tigerwood.  Though it can also be safely assumed that the nature of the wood actually justifies the name, with superior resistant qualities.

Water resistant timber makes it the ideal choice to stand the vagaries of nature

Tigerwood has the ability to resist water, making it the ideal choice to feature in decking material. Decks are exposed to the vagaries of nature throughout the year including a possible period of heavy lashing rains and damp weather. Tigerwood combats the effects of water, in the same manner as when the timber were still fixed to the roots. This makes it the right choice for decking material.

Minimal maintenance to keep the decks looking good

Tigerwood offers great quality with minimal maintenance. All that is required is a coating of UV blocker to retain the shade of the wood. Wood that is not treated with UV wild develop a normal patina, which is also appreciated as the natural shade of wood. However, for those who seek to retain the vibrant shade, a UV blocker will help.