Points to Remember When Choosing Between Maple Vs Brazilian Oak Flooring

Maple and Brazilian oak are two great choices when it comes to hardwood for flooring. They are some of the most common choices in the US because they are less expensive than ipe decking yet are also durable, naturally beautiful, and highly resistant. Both types of hardwood have few characteristics that make them desirable.

So how do you choose between these two amazing types of hardwood? Carefully compare their qualities and choose the one that suits your requirements best. Here are some things you need to know to help you with your decision.

  • Color options

Maple – This hardwood comes in a natural white color or off-white color. If these tones don’t match your interior, then try cream and golden maple flooring. These colors blend well with Scandinavian or Mid-Century Modern interior designs and are perfect for those who like clean and uncluttered home ambiance.

  • Brazilian oak – Installing the Brazilian oak hardwood as your interior’s flooring will surely bring a different kind of mood and charm to your home. Brazilian oak, which is also known as garapa, has color variations that range from yellow to honey brown.
  • Hardness Rating

Maple – The Janka rating of maple hardwood is 1450lb, which is close to a hard baseball bat. Maple hardwood is harder than oak, which is the industry standard for hardwood. That means that it is very durable.

Brazilian oak – Garapa is rated with a Janka hardness of 2280 lb, which makes it harder and more durable than maple. That’s why garapa is also a great choice for exterior applications.

  • Resistance

Maple – Maple is hard but is less resistant to insects or termites. To protect maple flooring, it has to be regularly maintained and sealed.

  • Brazilian oak – Because garapa is hard, it has a high resistance to termites, fungus, scratch, and even moisture. Still, you must apply a UV sealer to preserve its color.

Whether you prefer maple or hardwood oak, make sure to buy from a trusted supplier or retailer. Choose a company that has been in the business for years and has established a reputation for their top-quality products.