Know Cedar Lumber and Its Advantages

When it comes to woodwork and flooring for homes, Cedar lumber is definitely the more expensive option as compared to other types of wood. But its remarkable benefits make it worth spending the extra money. Perfect for use in all kinds of applications, you will find cedar wood being used in home sidings, fencing, shingles, gazebos, decking, doors, windows, blinds, shutters and a whole lot more. It happens to be the most versatile type of wood for residential use and offers a series of advantages over other wood varieties. Let’s explore:

Cedar trees grow in the Pacific Northwest where they are regularly subjected to harsh weather, damp, rot, insects, fungus and other destructive elements. And to combat it all, these trees have developed a natural defense mechanism that helps keep the structural integrity of the wood intact. As a result, cedar lumber is rot, insect and even termite repellant – making it one of the strongest wood varieties to be used for outdoor home construction.

Cedar wood is also well known for its remarkable dimensional stability, which means its shape will not be warped by the effects of the weather, humidity and temperature. It has a beautiful, grained appearance that is easy to paint and stain. Its porousness allows for better noise insulation, plus it is extremely lightweight which makes it easy to use in a variety of applications. All of this, combined with its ability to stand up against moisture, rot and damage, make cedar the most reliable wood for use in home construction.

What more can you ask for!