Exotic Hardwood Floors – 5 Elite Species for Your Home

Wooden flooring is perhaps the most sought-after flooring that every home owner aims for. It gives a charm and panache to the inside environment, which makes the dwellers feel very cosy and secure. There are many flooring materials available in the market, out of which wood is the most loved. Woods, too, are many in number – some are more commonly available while others are exotic. In this blog we shall discuss exotic hardwood floors – five elite species that you can select for installation in your home.

Species #1: Mahogany

Mahogany is perhaps the most celebrated wood for flooring and furniture – EVER. As flooring, this wood is extremely durable and water-resistant. It is a dense wood and has good acoustics. Each foot of this wood costs around ten to twenty dollars. It is suitable for use indoors and out.

Species #2: North American Cherry

Cherrywood is a beautiful, elegant wood which is close-grained and very smooth. It is a highly variable wood when it comes to colours, offering a range from natural cherry to almost black. Although highly attractive, it is unsuitable for use in areas with heavy traffic and sunlight, as it is soft and reactive to sunlight. Living rooms and dining rooms are the most suitable areas for this wood.

Species #3: Hickory

With the most stunning appearance in terms of colours and patterns, hickory is emerging as extremely lovable in flooring. For people with rustic tastes, this is the perfect wood. It is also an extremely hard wood with beautiful grain patterns, suitable for use in hallways, kitchens and foyers.

Species #4: Walnut

The elegance of a walnut floor is unparalleled. Its dark, smooth, molten-chocolate appearance makes it a very sultry and delicious flooring to install at homes.

Species #5: Rosewood

Rosewood has a highly distinctive pattern, and its fragrance adds a flair of elegance to the house. It is suitable for installation in living rooms, dining rooms and kitchens.

There are many other flooring options available, ready to be grabbed. Do your research properly!