The Excellent Durability of Brazilian Oak Hardwood Deck

The Brazilian oak hardwood (also known as Garapa) is highly ideal for decking purposes. It has a lighter color compared to other Brazilian wood and can be used as the main flooring as well as handrails or 4 x 4 posts of the decking. Garapa is a yellow-colored hardwood that has a fine grain, with occasional brown streaks. When Brazilian oak hardboards are exposed to the sun, it takes on a gorgeous russet gold brown color.

If you are looking to get Brazilian oak, purchase from a supplier that gets its stocks from sustainable South American forests. Garapa is biodegradable, unlike composite building materials. The Brazilian oak is comparable to other types of Brazilian hardwood but is offered at a lower price.

A UV inhibitor is needed to keep your Garapa hardwood decking from turning grey. Once the Brazilian takes on a honey-yellow color, the UV inhibitor can be applied. Tinted finishers can also be used. According to the Janka hardness test, Garapa has 2280 lbf hardness, which makes it harder than oak and maple.

If you use Brazilian oak on your decking, you can expect it to last for years. Garapa is extremely durable and can resist termites without the need for pesticides. As long as water does not go into the wood, Garapa can also resist the fungus. Thanks to its scratch-resistant quality, Brazilian oak makes for a popular hardwood material for outdoor decking. Garapa is naturally resistant to elements such as insects and water. It doesn’t even need the wood preservative to be able to resist rotting and decaying. The only trouble owners have with decking made of Brazilian oak is the darkening of the wood over time due to sun exposure. To keep this from happening, just apply a UV blocking finisher.