Why You Should Choose Garapa Wood for Your Decks

Garapa wood is one of the best materials for building decks. Like ipe, this tropical hardwood is also known for its hard to beat qualities, which we have listed below. These characteristics will surely convince you to choose garapa wood for your home.

  • Beautiful color variations

Garapa wood will bring a different kind of charm and vibe to your deck because of its cheerful colors, range from pale yellow to honey brown. As time passes, these rich colors turn into russet golden browns due to sun exposure. With subtle striping and medium texture, this decking material indeed looks refreshing to the eyes. Experts recommend applying UV-blocking finishers to preserve the natural beauty of Garapa.

  • Durable

Garapa is a high-density hardwood that is stronger than most wood species in North America. It is harder than oak and maple. Aside from this, garapa wood is also naturally resistant to rot, termites, and fungus. It can even absorb moisture, making it ideal for outdoor applications. It offers a safe walking surface for those who like to walk barefoot. A garapa wood deck can last for 25 years without preservation.

  • More affordable than ipe

Garapa may not be as superior as ipe hardwood, but it has a major advantage that ipe cannot match—and that is price. For many people, it makes more sense to choose garapa wood for decking because it is less expensive. If you will compute the lifetime cost of this hardwood, you will realize that it is truly a great investment.

If you are looking for the best alternative to dark and expensive ipe, go for garapa wood. This hardwood is predominantly grown in South America. Choose a supplier that directly imports from this region, so you can order a high-quality Garapa wood at the best prices.