Camaru Wood Decking Is a Comparable Alternative to Composite

You have different options for the materials to use to build a deck. For instance, composite boards are made using a mixture of plastics and wood fibers, in order to provide a durable finished product designed to withstand the exposure of being left outdoors. It often does not require any sort of sealer or protectants, is resistant to rot, decay, and insect infestations. However, the costs to build a composite deck can be quite expensive. There are viable alternatives which have many of the similar features found in composite, such as Camaru decking.

Camaru is a type of Brazilian hardwood that is durable and which features a beautiful grain pattern. This wood has a natural resistance to insects, termites, fungus, rot, and decay, without any additional preservatives or sealers. The decking does fade over time, with exposure to the UV rays of the sun, and turns gray with age. A finisher or sealer with UV blocking does retain the original reddish-brown color, should you decide you want to prevent fading. Further, the decking has a 25+ year lifespan.

Deciding between two or more different materials to use for your deck project requires taking the time to perform a cost comparison. You will want to obtain estimates for each material you are considering using to build your deck, from the appropriate suppliers, such as Advanced Building Supplies for your Camaru decking. Also remember to include the annual costs to maintain your deck in your cost comparison. Maintenance costs can be determined by asking the supplier what needs to be done yearly to the decking. After you have your maintenance costs, multiply this by 25 and add it to the cost of your materials. This result is the cost of ownership for the deck over a 25 year lifespan.