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Teak Wood Decking Adds an Amazing Beauty to Your Home

Adding a deck to your home can be a great way to transform your outdoor area into a great space for entertaining and relaxing. To ensure a high-quality build, you need to consider picking a durable wood that can withstand most outdoor conditions. When it comes to timbers, teak wood remains one of the highly valued and most sought-after by discerning homeowners and builders. Teak wood decking provides your home with a superior and naturally beautiful material that is durable and strong. The durability of this material is proven by time and again by ships that are built using it. In the sea, the wood is exposed to a lot of tough weather conditions and heavy wear and tear, proving that it can hold up to elements when used as decking material for your home. Continue reading

Cedar Timber Offers Excellent Appeal and Versatility

Western red cedar or simply cedar timbers are widely used for a variety of construction and home applications. They are also great for creating certain types of furniture, such as chests. While it is considered as the most expensive softwood today, cedar remains popular because of its aesthetic appeal and durability. It’s hard to appreciate the beauty and strength of cedar timber, but once it is turned into boards and installed, you will realize why people love cedar wood. Continue reading

Tips to Consider When Installing an Ipe Wood Deck in House

When it comes to beauty, durability, and versatility, nothing can beat ipe wood decks. This exotic tropical hardwood possesses unique qualities that make it superior to others. For one, it is three times harder than oak wood and five times harder than southern pine. It is also rated as extremely durable, fire-resistant, and resistant to rot and termites. If untreated ipe wood decks can last for four decades, just imagine how long it will last if oil is applied. If you are seriously considering installing an IPE in your home, then keep these tips in mind: Continue reading