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How Apitong Wood Lasts Longer For Truck Trailer Bed Decking

Truck trailers are heavily utilized in loading and unloading all kinds of materials. They therefor require hardy truck trailer bed decking that can withstand the elements and stand up to daily use and abuse. Apitong wood is a viable option. It can confidently meet the different challenges that truck trailers face, such as: Continue reading

Here Is What You Should Do for Your Cumaru Hardwood Decking

You don’t necessarily have to compromise on quality when choosing wood decking even if your project is price sensitive. The key is to find a good hardwood supplier that can give you the best quality for the best value. They offer Cumaru hardwood from the outskirts of the Brazilian forest at great prices. Cumaru—also known as Brazilian teak—is a highly dense type of hardwood that is comparable in terms of durability to Ipe wood. It also has unique properties that resist termites and other bugs. Your Cumaru decking can last for several decades when correctly installed and assembled. Continue reading