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Tips for Selecting the Best Garapa Wood for Your House

When selecting the best material for your home’s decking or flooring, it pays knowing your options o that you can weigh the pros and cons of each. One of the first things you should remember when shopping for wood for these applications is that not all decking and flooring materials are created equal. The best material for your home will largely depend on your personal preferences and circumstances, your budget, the level of maintenance you can and are willing to do, the kind of end look you desire, the installation’s anticipated lifespan, its eco friendliness, as well as its ease of installation. Continue reading

The Benefits of Using Tiger Wood Decking for Your Floor

A lot of homeowners would initially plan their decks out to be built using composite materials, thinking that this would-be a less expensive option, only to end up purchasing hardwood. While hardwood flooring for your decks may seem like an expensive purchase on the surface, their durability and longevity make them a more practical option in the long run. Tiger wood decking is an excellent choice for deck flooring, thanks to their gorgeous grain and coloring. Apart from its aesthetics, this wood material also boasts other fine properties and characteristics including: Continue reading

Steps to Build Your Own Custom Trailer Decking

Your trailer decking will eventually require replacement. When your trailer floor boards are starting to rot away, it is high time to think about redoing your deck. Not only are rotting boards huge safety hazards, they can likewise cause damage to the things you transport and haul. Below are simple steps to replacing or building your own custom trailer decking: Continue reading

How to Get Fabulous Ipe Hardwood Decking on a Limited Budget

Ipe is a tropical hardwood that makes for a great decking solution. Its yellowy olive hues create an appealing and inviting space that ages particularly well with time. It has natural resistance to fire and insects, making it an exceptional option for outdoor decking applications. If you want a decking material that is hardy and can withstand the rigors of a busy outdoor deck, while still looking good in the process, then Ipe Hardwood Decking is a practical choice for your project. Continue reading