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Different Lumber Choices for Trailer Decking

Trailer floor decking can be done using various types of wood. The choice of the material is dependent on factors such as the type of goods the trailer will carry, whether it will operate on the interstate or will it deliver goods from the container depot to the dock or airport and back. The weather also has a role to play here. For instance, whether you want a wood that is water and mold resistant, or you want something that can withstand extreme heat. The choice of the wood is determined by all these factors, in addition to your budget and business practices.

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Classic and Stylish Cedar Timber

Real cedar timber can be the right material for your building project. It highly admired – not only by business customers and homeowners – but also by builders as it has natural defense system against rot, molds, and insects and looks great on top of that. It leads to a construction that is highly durable and beautiful.

Using real cedar timber has many advantages. Here is a brief look at some of them:

Beauty: When it comes to adding a charm of its own to a home, there is no substitute to cedar timber. It has a crisp tone with elegant natural beauty. You can do almost any flooring or decking experiment with it. Whether it is outdoor gazebos, inspiring traditional home décor or cutting-edge architecture, real cedar helps make elegant dreams and designs come true.

Versatility: Western red cedar is pitch and resin free. This means you can give it a wide range of finishes easily. You can opt for elegant dark stains, chic bleaches, traditional solid colors and naturally beautiful semi-transparent shades. Cedar offers a wide range of lumber dimensions, surface textures and various grades of quality that suit very budget. It does not matter what type of finish and dimension you want, real cedar has everything for your needs. 

Sustainability: Studies have proven that when it comes to surviving the weather, natural products such as cedar are far better than artificial ones. Natural cedar wood is superior in every possible way. It does not change its dimensions according to the weather. It is not affected by humidity or dryness, summer or winter. Though, many types of wood warp in humid conditions, cedar stays exactly the same. Its wood products can be painted or stained but they do not lose their grained appearance and structure.

Optimal for Homes: Cedar is a porous material and also a great insulator. This makes it a perfect choice for household projects. Porous wood absorbs noise and stays cool in the harsh heat.

Environment-friendly: Western red cedar is eco-friendly. Unlike other building materials, cedar is biodegradable and recyclable. It does not affect the balance of nature at all because it is extracted from the most sustained forests in the world.