Monthly Archives: November 2015

Tigerwood – The Right Choice of Wood for Decking Purpose

Building your deck with tigerwood will ensure a luxurious and spectacular outdoor space that adds value to your property. Tigerwood is one of the densest and highest-quality Brazilian hardwoods that is naturally biodegradable. It is particularly known for its lower price than other exotic hardwoods, but it is responsibly harvested and environmentally friendly to use, making it a good alternative to composite materials. Continue reading

Cedar Timbers the Future of Timber in Landscape Design

Landscape cedar timbers provide homeowners endless possibilities to turn their exterior landscaping into beautiful outdoor settings. They can be used to build all kinds of garden setups, ranging from planter boxes to raised gardening beds, retaining walls, garden steps, and even landscape paths, picnic tables, and seating. Continue reading

Brazilian Walnut Decking – The Best Alternative of Outdoor Flooring Material

Decking materials must be durable and long-lasting enough to withstand the elements and foot traffic. Brazilian walnut decking is one of those materials that you can consider for outdoor flooring because it is hard, highly resistant to rotting and insects, and comes in a rich and luxurious color that can make your deck or patio look more elegant. Brazilian walnut is also known as ‘Ipe’, and it must be premium grade with minimal imperfections and bowing to ensure the highest-quality decking material for your outdoor spaces. Continue reading