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Steps to Take Prior to Ordering Ipe or Cumaru Decking

Steps to Take Prior to Ordering Ipe or Cumaru Decking

Building a deck takes careful planning and preparation, regardless of whether you are hiring a contractor or completing it as a do-it-yourself project. There are several steps to complete, prior to putting the deck together. You need to make sure to allow ample time to complete each. For do-it-yourself projects, you should allow approximately six total weekends for your decking project. However, if it rains during one of the weekends, your project may have to be put on hold and might extend out a few more weekends. Continue reading

Replace Worn Out Decking with a New Cumaru Deck

Replacing worn out decking on your home can be a fun and exciting do-it-yourself project, as long as you take the time to plan and organize the project ahead of time. Prior to removing your existing deck, you should decide if you want to keep the same size and shape. However, you do have the option to decide to build a bigger deck, too. You also need to decide what type of wood you want to use for your new decking, such as Cumaru. This decision is important, as you will need to take measurements to ensure you order plenty of decking, materials and other supplies to construct your new one. Continue reading

Use Fortress Railing to Put Finishing Touches on Your New Decking

Use Fortress Railing to Put Finishing Touches on Your New Decking

Adding the finishing touches to your decking, stairways and entrance areas around your home can be accomplished by installing fortress railing. This type of railing includes different options to help you obtain the style of railing you prefer. It comes available in six foot and eight foot welded panels, which can be supplemented with support posts and top railing covers to match your decking. Continue reading

Things to Know Prior to Installing Ipe Wood Decking

Installing decking using Ipe wood, or Brazilian walnut, requires a different approach than other traditional decking materials. This kind of wood requires air flow underneath the decking, and it should never be installed directly onto the ground. The ground flow ventilation helps to ensure the mechanical and dimensional stability of the decking boards, as well as helps reduce the likelihood of cupping. How far off the ground the decking needs to be installed depends upon where you live. There can be local building codes which mandate deck and dock minimum raised-height requirements, such as is common in several southern states, including Florida and Louisiana. Continue reading

Establish a Budget for Building a Deck Using Cedar Boards

Establish a Budget for Building a Deck Using Cedar Boards

Building and adding a deck to your home can help increase the value of your property. There are several things you must consider when choosing your decking materials and supplies. First, you have to establish a budget for your project. This is an important step you should not overlook, because it helps you determine exactly how much you are able to spend for your new deck. Some people skip this step and end up spending more than they initially planned on, or running out of money before they are able to complete their project. Continue reading

Benefits of Using Cedar Decking on Your Home

There are several benefits to using cedar decking on your next outdoor improvement project.  While cedar is considered a softer wood, it is one of the most durable and stable woods available.  It is also lightweight and easy to work, making it ideal for decks that are not perfectly square, or for outdoor features that need to have odd dimensions due to landscaping or ground level issues. Continue reading

Why Choose Cedar Lumber for Your Decking Needs?

Cedar lumber has long been used for storage chests and closets because of its unique ability to repel most pests.  This is a feature that is often linked to the scent that is given off from the wood during the aging process.  While this scent is pleasant for humans, and most people love the scent of a cedar-lined drawer, the insect repellant is a feature of the oils that are native to the wood. Continue reading

What Is Ipe and Why Is It Better than Other Decking?

Ipe is a Brazilian hardwood that is considered one of the densest woods available.  This means the wood will be harder to cut and drill, but will last for decades, instead of just years.  Many people believe that composite decking made from plastic and petroleum products is longer lasting than wood decking, but this is not always true.  If you consider the life expectancy of the composite and Ipe decking, they are almost exactly the same.  The main difference is that the composite will never break down when removed and placed into a landfill, while the wood decking is fully biodegradable. Continue reading

Ipe Wood Is Perfect for Outdoor Projects

There are many advantages to using Ipe wood for your outdoor projects.  These range from the durability of the wood, to the color, which changes with weathering.  It is also a fully biodegradable product that will not cause damage to the environment or your local landfill.  There are several different projects that can be completed with this wood; everything from patio to pool decks can be fashioned from Ipe wood, without worrying that it will be damaged by weather and rot. Continue reading