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Installation of Deck Clip

The hidden deck fastener that requires no pre-drilling is the Deck Clip™ that comes in standard packs of 175 clips and ceramic coated screws per box with 10 extra screws and plugs for starter and finishing boards, drivers, and instructions for installation.

One box will fasten 100 square feet of 6" decking on 16" centers or 75 square feet on 12"centers and holds the decking much tighter than the plastic clips. It also allows for the inevitable movement all deck wood experiences, as well as works with all types of hardwood decking and Pre-Grooved or biscuit cut deck boards.

In each Box
Quantity 175 - 6063-T5 Aluminum DeckClips;
185 Screws #8x 2-1/4 Grabbergard Trimhead Screw Type #2 Square Drive;
12 Ipe Plugs


Installation of Deck Clip ™  Step by Step

The installation procedure for aluminum Deck Clip is shown here.

Run a bead of adhesive down the top of the joists where you are beginning your deck installation. Apply enough to accommodate your first two or three boards.

Install your Deck Clip ™along the entire edge of the first board with a clip on each joist. The screw must be run down until the top of the screw is level with the clip. Resist over tightening it because this will tilt the free edge of the clip down, thereby preventing you from slipping the 2nd board into place.


By far, the majority of Contractors and Retail Customer, have us groove (kerf) their decking at our Mill Shop. However, if you prefer to cut your own grooves, the best method is with a Biscuit Cutter.

Use a #2 Blade and center the Biscuit Cutter on the decking. The models vary however so be sure to use either 3/4" or 1" depending upon the decking involved.

Installed deck clips along the joist on the edge of the first board.

Then slip the leading edge of the 2nd board snuggly into the clips .

Install the clips into the 2nd edge of the 2nd board on every joist.

Use care that you only drive the screw down until it is level with the clip. Do not screw it down too tightly.

Once this 2nd clip is installed on the 2nd board, go back to the nearest clip between the two boards and tighten it down firmly. Now, the clip will press the boards into the glue to seat them permanently.

Repeat the above steps until your deck is complete.


First and Last board:

Plugs that match your deck wood types are included to install the first and last boards. These are the Keystone boards


That is deck clips, the plain and simple version.

Grabber - DeckClip


Instructions from
the box

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